Charles Spurgeon


“The Father sent the Son to be the Saviour of the world.”
1 John 4:14

It is a sweet thought that Jesus Christ did not come forth without his Father’s permission, authority, consent, and assistance. He was sent of the Father, that he might be the Saviour of men. We are too apt to forget that, while there are distinctions as to the persons in the Trinity, there are no distinctions of honour. We too frequently ascribe the honour of our salvation, or at least the depths of its benevolence, more to Jesus Christ than we do the Father. This is a very great mistake. What if Jesus came? Did not his Father send him? If he spake wondrously, did not his Father pour grace into his lips, that he might be an able minister of the new covenant? He who knoweth the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost as he should know them, never setteth one before another in his love; he sees them at Bethlehem, at Gethsemane, and on Calvary, all equally engaged in the work of salvation. O Christian, hast thou put thy confidence in the Man Christ Jesus? Hast thou placed thy reliance solely on him? And art thou united with him? Then believe that thou art united unto the God of heaven. Since to the Man Christ Jesus thou art brother, and holdest closest fellowship, thou art linked thereby with God the Eternal, and “the Ancient of days” is thy Father and thy friend. Didst thou ever consider the depth of love in the heart of Jehovah, when God the Father equipped his Son for the great enterprise of mercy? If not, be this thy day’s meditation. The Father sent him! Contemplate that subject. Think how Jesus works what the Father wills. In the wounds of the dying Saviour see the love of the great I AM. Let every thought of Jesus be also connected with the Eternal, ever-blessed God, for “It pleased the Lord to bruise him; he hath put him to grief.”

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I am a 52 years old married with 4 kids. I am curretly a professional soccer coach in the United States. I enjoy sports, writing, reading, running and spending time with my family. Over the years I have enjoyed knowing Jesus and now he continues to show me that I must share him with everyone. Therefore this blog is allowing a person who is very private to open up without being anything but truthful about Jesus

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  1. That son of man and son of God, who was sent forth from the One and Only One God, worshipped himself also one and only One God, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, which is the same as the God of Jacob and also should be our God, which is a unitarian God worshipped by the People of God, the people of Israel. They never had a trinitarian God. Neither did they worship a God Who would not tell the truth. In case Jesus is God he would not have told the truth to his disciple when he told them he did not know when he would come back and did tell them he did not know who would be seated next to him, because God knows everything.

    Those who believe in a trinitarian God also make of God a liar because God tells us He does not tell lies, says He is an eternal Spirit (is not born, cannot die) , says He can not be seen by man or they would fall death, says can not be tempted, though Jesus, after he was born (had a beginning) was seen by many who did not fall death; was tempted more than once; after being tortured did not fake his death and really died. After his death and resurrection Jesus showed his wounds to his followers and told them he was not a spirit (this is in contradiction with other saying in Scripture which tells us that God is Spirit. Was Jesus when he is God once again not telling the truth and as such was telling lies?).

    Though he was lower than angels, whilst Scripture tells us also God is the Most High, (so how can he be lower than angels?) he was made higher and taken up into heaven to sit at the right hand of God (How is he to sit next to himself?) to be a mediator between God and man (How can he or any person mediate between himself?)

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