See how great a love the Father has bestowed on us, that we would be called children of God; and such we are For this reason the world does not know us, because it did not know Him. 1 John 3:1


The world continues to discuss the environment in regards to how we as people impact the environment in such adverse manners. I would have to agree that we as a world community need to individually construct our immediate surroundings that impact the environment positively. I would say more importantly we need to protect our spiritual environment in order that we can understand the true meaning of Environmental protection. 


In order to truly impact our spiritual realm positively we must first engage in a thought process that evaluates what has caused us to have a spiritual environment that is not where God has wanted us to be. First, as a youth being a person who seemed to want the world to revolve around me, lead to decisions that were destructive for my spiritual life. The selection of some friends, the choices that lead to being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and the anger that would develop through thinking the world was mine. All these decisions lead to not caring for other people as God desires me to treat people.


As an adult I experienced the destruction that divorce causes in the immediate family, the extended family and the long term effects on each person involved.  This decision is so far away from the spiritual environment that God wants and is so damaging that many people never recover to have positive relationships. I have since recovered and have a wonderful wife and two great kids, but as far as divorce please never consider it, there are no winners. These choices in my youth and adult life caused me to separate from God and the spiritual environment that God would want us to be in all the time. Having to spend time repairing myself to function in a manner that is pleasing God because of poor critical choices is something I would advise that all people stay away from at all cost.  Is it easy? No!, The consequences of the choices are more severe than I would like anyone to have to experience.


The question becomes how do we become non-destructive in our own spiritual environment? Just as we attempt to discover ways to save the worlds environment, God has provide us the answer to our spiritual environment questions.

First and foremost we must accept Jesus as the Son of God with him dying for our sins. By accepting Jesus we are admitting that God is all powerful and knowing that all of his actions are supreme and true. With this understanding we can begin to repair our wrong choices and begin to build character in a likeness of God that will lead us in the manner that God would want for us. An environment that ensures we are in line with God. As we begin to understand God more and become more sensitive to his word, we begin to build our spiritual environment instead destroy the good God has in store for us. By no means do I want this information to come across seeming that as long as we work hard we can create a positive spiritual environment.  It can not be achieved simply by our works. We have an opportunity only by the Grace and mercy of God to have a positive spiritual environment.  So build the foundation through prayer and reading the word of God and each of us will begin to understand the importance of a positive spiritual environment and how it impacts others.


Hope all the readers enjoy this blog and please let me know your thoughts. 


Grace and Peace to you,



Published by rulookingforjesus

I am a 52 years old married with 4 kids. I am curretly a professional soccer coach in the United States. I enjoy sports, writing, reading, running and spending time with my family. Over the years I have enjoyed knowing Jesus and now he continues to show me that I must share him with everyone. Therefore this blog is allowing a person who is very private to open up without being anything but truthful about Jesus

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